How To Keep Your Commercial AC Unit Functioning For Longer

Replacing a commercial air conditioning unit can be quite expensive. So, as the owner of a large commercial building, you need to do all you can to keep this unit working for as long as possible. How do you care for a commercial air conditioner and extend its life? Here are three ways to get started. Buy the right filters, and change them often Few things tax an air conditioner more than having to blow air through a dirty, clogged filter. Read More 

Five Things You May Not Realize Your HVAC Company Can Do

Everyone knows that HVAC companies install and repair furnaces and air conditioners. But did you realize that there are many other services that many HVAC companies offer? They may be able to perform these services when already on-site to repair your furnace or at a separate appointment. Here's a list of the convenient services you might be missing out on. 1. Installing Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers In-home climate control is about more than temperature. Read More 

Improving Your Furnace’s Efficiency During Installation

A dated or unproductive furnace must be replaced in order to ensure that your home's temperature remains comfortable during the cold winter months. Installing a new furnace can be stressful, but you should view this process as an opportunity to help make your furnace more energy efficient in the future. There are a few simple things that you can do during installation to ensure that your home remains comfortable without relying on a furnace that will use up precious energy resources and drive up the cost of your heating bill over time. Read More 

Need To Install A New Furnace In The Dead Of Winter? Here’s How You Can Help

When the snow is piled halfway up the side of your house, you want to be inside, where it is warm and cozy. You do not want to get up one morning and see your breath! Losing your furnace in the middle of winter is torture, for both you and the HVAC specialist that has to bring the new furnace to your home and try to get through the snow to get the furnace into the house/basement. Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Professionally Installed

If you are replacing your current air conditioning unit because it is broken, or if you are getting air conditioning for the very first time, it is important that your unit is installed properly. The best way to ensure this is likely to have it installed correctly is to hire a professional. There are likely several HVAC contractors that are well qualified for the task. Here are three reasons why hiring a professional is the way to go: Read More