How To Keep Your Commercial AC Unit Functioning For Longer

Replacing a commercial air conditioning unit can be quite expensive. So, as the owner of a large commercial building, you need to do all you can to keep this unit working for as long as possible. How do you care for a commercial air conditioner and extend its life? Here are three ways to get started.

Buy the right filters, and change them often

Few things tax an air conditioner more than having to blow air through a dirty, clogged filter. Most building owners do not remember to change their filter monthly because it is hidden somewhere in the basement or on the roof, but you absolutely need to add this task to your must-do list. Also, make sure the filters you are using are compatible with your system. Some people begin using HEPA filters, for example, because they want to keep their air cleaner. But if your air conditioner is not designed for use with a HEPA filter, using one will put extra strain on the system.

Talk to building occupants about opening the windows

At home, you can simply remember not to open the windows with the air conditioning is on, but adhering to this guideline in a big building with a lot of occupants or employees is a lot harder. When someone opens the window, they let moisture back inside, and your air conditioner has to then work to remove that moisture. This puts extra wear and tear on the air conditioner, which may eventually cause it to fail prematurely.

Send out email reminders whenever the AC is on, informing building occupants that they are not permitted to open windows until further notice. Write up employees who do not follow this protocol.

Have your ducts inspected

The ductwork in a big commercial building can be extensive, and ducts can develop clogs and blockages without anyone noticing there's a problem. However, blocked ducts increase the pressure on the discharge side of your air conditioner, putting unnecessary strain on the air conditioning unit. Arrange to have your ducts inspected at least once a year. The inspector may find rodents' nests, dirt, and foreign objects that are impeding the flow of air, and if so, they can remove them for you.

Take better care of your commercial air conditioner, and it will take better care of you. For more maintenance tips, reach out to your local commercial AC services the next time they visit your building.