Tips to Help You Stay Cool When Your Central AC System Breaks

When it gets really hot outside and you turn on your central air conditioning, there is a chance that it might not work. Central AC systems can break at any time, but it always seems to happen more frequently when the weather is super-hot. If your AC is not working and are waiting to get repairs done, there are ways you can keep your house somewhat cool. Here are some of the options you could try if you have to wait a few days for the repair technician to come to your home.

Shut Your Window Treatments

When the sun is out during the day, your house will heat up a lot faster if your windows are not covered. Because of this, you should shut all your blinds and curtains during the daytime when the sun is out. This will help block out the sun, and that will help stop some of the heat from entering into your home. If you do not have curtains on your windows, you could consider draping sheets over them. You will only need to do this during the day when it is hottest outside.

Open the Windows in the Evening

During the evening, it typically cools down a little. When this happens, you could open your windows and prop a fan in a couple of them. You should face the fan so that it blows outside and then turn it on. When you do this, it will blow the hot air from your house outside and will pull in cooler, fresh air in other windows that are open in your home. Not only can this help cool your house, it will also keep the air moving so that you can avoid having stagnant air in your house. Additionally, it may help remove some of the humidity from the air, which is important as humidity can cause mold to develop.

Turn on Your Ceiling Fans

Any type of fan you have can help circulate air and create a cooler feel in your house, and this includes ceiling fans. With ceiling fans, make sure you set the blades to move in a counter-clockwise direction. The result of this is a breeze, which will help you feel cooler if you can feel it.

Plug in a Window AC Unit

Another good way to stay cool is by plugging in a window AC unit, if you have one. While running one window AC unit is not likely to cool your entire house, it can help a lot. One window AC unit can create enough cool air to make it bearable in your house, and it can also help control the moisture and humidity that can easily develop if a house gets too hot.

Avoid Using the Oven

When your AC is not working, you should try to avoid doing anything that will make your house hotter than what it already is, and this includes turning on the oven. An oven is a great appliance to have, but it can cause a lot of extra heat in a house. Instead of cooking with your oven, consider putting food in a crockpot. A crockpot will not cause your house to heat up at all. If you do not want to use a crockpot, consider eating cold foods or order out if you would like to.

Contact an AC Repair Company

If your AC is not working, the best thing you can do is call an AC repair company for help. In the summer, these companies are likely busy fixing AC systems, so contact these companies as soon as possible for a quote and to schedule an appointment.