Five Things You May Not Realize Your HVAC Company Can Do

Everyone knows that HVAC companies install and repair furnaces and air conditioners. But did you realize that there are many other services that many HVAC companies offer? They may be able to perform these services when already on-site to repair your furnace or at a separate appointment. Here's a list of the convenient services you might be missing out on.

1. Installing Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

In-home climate control is about more than temperature. It's also important to regulate the humidity level in your home. Ideally, your indoor humidity should be between 35 and 50 percent. A home that is more humid than this is prone to mold growth, and a home that is too dry will leave you with problems like static cling and dry skin. 

Your HVAC contractor can install a humidifier or dehumidifier to better regulate the humidity level inside your home. The humidifier or dehumidifier can be integrated with your thermostat to give you control over your home's humidity.

2. Duct Cleaning

The ducts that carry air conditioned or heated air through your home get pretty dirty, and you can't simply reach down there and clean them. When you turn on your heat or AC, all of that dirt gets thrust out into your home, making it tough to keep your carpet and surfaces clean. 

Your HVAC contractor has special equipment to reach into the ducts and clean them out. You can have this done every two or three years to keep your whole home cleaner and your HVAC system running well.

3. Upgrading Your Thermostat

Do you still have an old, dial-style thermostat on your wall? Have you been avoiding replacing it with a programmable or WiFi thermostat because you're not sure how to do so? Your HVAC contractor can actually do this for you. Some companies will ask you to buy the thermostat ahead of time, and then they'll just show up and install it. Other companies will even include the thermostat with the price of their installation. Upgrading to a WiFi thermostat will give you so much more control over the climate in your home. You can turn the temperature up or down from your smartphone!

4. Maintaining Your AC Unit or Furnace

Do you cringe every spring when it's time to hose off and clean your AC unit? You probably know you need to tune up the AC unit and furnace and oil various components, but keeping up with this maintenance can be a pain. Many HVAC companies offer maintenance contracts that will ensure you have all of this upkeep covered. You pay one fee each year, and the company sends a technician out periodically to look over your system and do whatever work needs to be done. Many service contracts also offer discounts on parts and repairs if you have regular maintenance appointments. 

5. Home Energy Audits

Most homes are losing energy without the homeowners ever suspecting such a thing. Common energy wasters include inefficient air conditioners, leaky windows, and missing insulation. Your HVAC company may offer home energy audits. They will go through your home and identify the areas where your home is wasting energy. Based on the results of the audit, they can make recommendations for upgrades that will save you the most money on energy over the coming years.

Now that you have a better idea of the extra services your HVAC company might offer, get in touch with them. They may even offer additional services that are not on this list. It's always best to have the same company do all of your maintenance so that they can keep an eye on various systems and how they work together. Contact a company like Dependable Heating & Cooling to learn more.