The Basics Of Cleaning Your Home’s AC Ducting

Cleaning the ductwork is a key step in maintaining your home's air conditioning system. Ideally, a homeowner should have their ducting cleaned every few years. However, those with a more limited understanding of this HVAC maintenance may not be as diligent about scheduling it every few years.

What are the Benefits of Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning?

Dirt and other debris in the ducting can severely impair the performance of the HVAC system. A noticeable decrease in indoor air quality can be one of the most obvious consequences of dirty ducting. However, it is also possible for these issues to directly decrease the amount of air that is flowing through the ducting. There may be numerous turns and corners in the ducting. The air flowing through these spaces can be constricted if dirt and dust collect in these spaces. Failing to clean the ducting can also lead to mold and bacteria growing in these spaces. These growths could rapidly cause foul odors, and they may cause respiratory problems due to spores.

How Does a Professional Clean The HVAC Ducting?

An inspection and evaluation of the HVAC ducting might be the first step a professional cleaning service will take. This assessment gives them an idea of the severity of the dirt accumulations. Most ducting cleaning services will use a combination of brush and vacuum systems to clean these spaces. Reaching deep into the interior of the ducting system requires these tools to be extremely flexible and equipped with handle extenders. These features allow the duct cleaning service to reach the entire interior. During the cleaning process, the ducting will also be sanitized. This step can fully eliminate mold and other bacteria growing in the system. In addition to improving air quality, eliminating these substances can mitigate the risk of mold issues developing in other areas of the house.

How Can You Stop The Ducting From Getting Dirty Again?

Duct and dirt accumulating in the ducting is an unavoidable problem. However, there are ways that you can slow this process. The most effective is to make sure the air filters for the HVAC system are changed regularly. When the air filters become full, more dust and dirt will escape from them and enter the ducting. Homes in dusty environments can be particularly vulnerable to these accumulations forming in the ducting systems. Installing an air purifying system is an effective way of reducing these accumulations. These systems can eliminate most of the dust floating in your home's interior before it can enter the HVAC system.

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