Is It Time To Install A New AC? 4 Signs To Check For

A quality air conditioner can serve you for many years with minimal maintenance. As such, it is hard to tell when you need to start looking for another one. But before your AC completely gives up, it will show some warning signs that it is dying. While some signs may be obvious, others may be hard to note. This article will look at four of the most obvious signs you need a new AC. 

1. Your AC Is Past Its Expected Lifespan

Most standard ACs have a life expectancy of about a decade. However, you may still squeeze a few years out of your unit with good maintenance. But if your system is older than a decade, you need to consider getting a replacement. Not sure how old your air conditioner is? Check its sticker; if you cannot find a date, run the serial number on the manufacturer's website to get its age. Remember that an outdated AC may have faulty wiring, which could start a home fire. Do not hesitate to get a new one.

2. Frequent Breakdowns

An old AC is prone to damage. If you need AC repairs once a month or more, your unit may have reached the end of its life. And if you do not install one, you will incur hefty repair costs. It is advisable to work with an AC installation contractor to install a new unit and stop the agonizing repair calls.

3. Rising Power Bills

If your energy bills have been abnormally high lately, your AC may be the culprit. An old ACs may have broken motors, fans, or filters that could make it consume more power than necessary, hence the soaring power bills. New ACs come with modern and energy-efficient parts that could significantly lower your power bills. With low power consumption, you also get to reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Your AC Is Taking Longer to Cool Your Home

Is your air conditioner taking an eternity to supply cool air in your home? Check the air filters and ducts for clogs. Is your thermostat settings okay? Now check the motor. If the motor is working perfectly, your AC may be due for replacement. A reliable AC contractor can conduct an assessment of your home and advise you on the right size to acquire.

There comes a time in every home when that AC has got to go. And as a homeowner who values the safety of their property and the well-being of their family, you can't afford to ignore the signs that it is time to let go. Work with a professional AC contractor for AC installation services.