3 Common Problems That Neglected Residential Air Conditioners Can Cause

Your air conditioning system cools your home's indoor environment for improved thermal comfort in the summertime. It accomplishes this by extracting excess heat and humidity from your home's indoor air, dissipating them outside, and then blowing cool air throughout the home.

That said, your residential air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to keep working properly and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance on your AC system can result in a host of problems that will undermine the system's performance and efficiency.

Continue reading to find out a few common problems you may encounter if you fail to take good care of your home's AC system.

Reduced/No Cooling Output

From unclean air filters to frozen evaporator coils, faulty thermostats, and leaky air ducts, poorly maintained air conditioners will have issues that can hamper their ability to cool your home properly. Without a normally functioning air conditioning system, the hot summer temperatures will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it can also slow your brain down

Undertaking routine upkeep of your AC system will go a long way in ensuring early detection and correction of issues that may decrease the system's cooling output over time.

Indoor Air Pollution

Air conditioners aren't just designed to provide cooling output: they're also critical to your home's indoor air quality.

If the air filter in your home's AC system isn't replaced regularly and the entire system isn't kept clean, you might have an air quality problem in your home. This is because airborne contaminants, like dust, pollen, and pet fur, can find their way back into your home along with the cool air coming out of your cooling system. This can aggravate the condition of allergy sufferers, as well as people with a history of respiratory problems. 

A clean, well-maintained air conditioner will help get rid of the irritants that trigger these conditions by keeping the air inside your home clean and healthy for everyone to breathe.

Moisture Problems

To the untrained eye, AC systems keep homes cool by simply extracting heat from the indoor air. While this is true on a fundamental level, it's important to point out that air conditioners deliver the desired cooling action by removing heat, as well as regulating humidity levels in the air. Excess moisture can make you sick and also encourage mold growth in your home.

Getting your AC system inspected and maintained on a regular basis will help prevent these undesirable outcomes.

If you want to get the most out of your AC system, proper AC maintenance is a must. The good news is that you don't have to carry out the necessary maintenance tasks yourself. If you need expert help taking care of your air conditioning system, contact a residential air conditioning service near you.