Types Of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators are essential for your food business since you can preserve food, drinks, and perishable goods. Therefore, your food can remain fresh and safe for consumption for long periods of time. However, the market offers various commercial refrigeration services, and you need to understand them to ensure you make the right choice. Here are the common types of commercial refrigeration available.

Walk-In Refrigeration

Walk-in refrigeration provides ample storage space and is an excellent option for large hotels or restaurants. With this refrigeration, you can create various compartments and increase storage capacity. Besides, you can customize the shelving to suit your needs and achieve easy organization. Also, the refrigerators are energy saving as you close the door once you access the fridge to search for the items you need.

Reach-In Refrigeration

Reach-ins are common in prep areas of restaurants and commercial kitchens. They have an easy-to-open sliding or hinged door that allows access to the shelves. Ideally, the door is made of glass or metal. Metallic doors are common as they're well insulated and help minimize temperature loss by retaining cold air. Additionally, you can customize reach-in fridges and include pass-through shelves that allow access to the refrigerator from different sides of the fridge.

Mega Top Refrigeration

Also known as refrigerated prep tables, mega top commercial refrigeration services facilitate snack preparation, including sandwiches and salads. The refrigerators contain prep rails and a storage area for keeping the ingredients at a specific temperature. Additionally, these prep tables provide easy access to the stored products.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Undercounter refrigerators offer you easy access to the ingredients you need while working in the kitchen. Ideally, commercial refrigeration services install the refrigerators under preparation tables or kitchen counters. So, you can access whatever product you need by reaching down the fridge. Undercounter refrigeration is ideal if you're working with limited space, such as in food trucks.

Merchandising Refrigeration

Merchandising refrigerators are ideal for displaying your products to customers. Clients can explore all the items you have in the fridge and purchase what they want. The refrigerators come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your business.

Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigerators keep beverages cool. The refrigerators usually have solid glass doors with vinyl or stainless steel bodies. Some designs have sliding tops that allow you to reach down and get the drink you want. Further, you can customize bar refrigerators with draft beer dispensers and ice cube dispensers.

Commercial refrigeration includes walk-ins, reach-ins, refrigerated prep tables, undercounter, bar, and merchandising refrigeration. Consider hiring commercial refrigeration services, such as Indoor Comfort Inc., to get the perfect refrigerator for your business.