4 AC Repair Issues That Can Cause Loss of Cool Air

By the time that some homeowners report air conditioning problems, they have ignored signs that they might need an AC repair. Minor problems with cooling should be taken seriously especially if a cooling system has not been serviced. The continued operation can make AC systems work harder to produce cool air and can cause significant damage to critical parts of the systems. Improper cooling is not the only overlooked sign of a repair issue. Irregular noises and smells can also be signals that something is awry. The following issues can result in problems with cooling. 

Dirty Filters

This is likely the most common thing that can cause interference with cool airflow, and it is one of the things that can be remedied by property owners. You should always check your air filter when you notice that your home is not cooling normally. Dirty air filters need to get changed, and sometimes changing the filter can fix a cooling issue so that you don't need further AC repairs.

Ductwork Leaks

The ductwork in your home aids in the distribution of cool air. If there are leaks present, you are essentially letting cool air get out of your home because there is no way to contain it when it escapes the ductwork. Air duct inspections are usually performed as part of AC maintenance. However, the ductwork may need to get replaced at some point due to the process of natural aging. 

Condenser Problems

A clean condenser is required for proper cooling. Condensers can get dirty when AC systems are not serviced. If the debris that settles is allowed to sit, the system will eventually stop producing cool air. A good defense against getting a dirty condenser is investing in a cover. This will aid in keeping debris out. Condensers are a key part of the heat exchange process and cannot perform correctly when clogged. 

Refrigerant Leak

You can spot a refrigerant leak even if you are not familiar with how HVAC systems perform. If any parts of your system are iced over, there is probably a leak in the system. You may also hear hissing sounds due to the leak making contact with parts of the AC system. A chemical spell might emit from the burnoff process. Refrigerant leaks can cause significant AC damage, and you should not operate your AC when this AC repair issue is obvious. 

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