What’s Involved In AC Maintenance?

Even though we're coming out of the warm summer months and moving into the winter, it's still worthwhile to think about what activities you need to plan to make sure your air conditioner is ready for next spring. For many people, air conditioning maintenance services are done primarily by their HVAC company, but in case they're not, you'll still have to contact one directly to do most of the things on this list. If done the right way, you'll ensure that your air conditioner is ready not only for spring but also for several more years of service.

Visual Inspection

Although most homeowners can perform some type of inspection on their own, to do a proper visual inspection of your unit, you'll need to know where to look and how to reach it in the first place. Ductwork, in particular, can be tough to access, but once they're inside, HVAC contractors typically look for dust and grime that is built up on the inside, as well as mold. In addition, they may also check to ensure there is no premature rusting of the unit that could break off by an especially cold winter.

Checking Levels

Your refrigerant is absolutely necessary to make sure that the hot air from the outside is cooled as it goes into your home. Low refrigerant can cause your condenser coils to freeze, which will necessitate an AC repair service call; air conditioning maintenance technicians will ensure that your refrigerant is at the optimum level. They will also check to see if your drain pan is full or is filtering water out correctly, as well as make sure there are no loose connections to your power source or inside your air ducts.

Routine Service

If necessary, air conditioning maintenance services will also include a quick repair on any issues that are found. A simple scrub of the ductwork or lubrication of the various parts inside your AC unit is pretty standard and can greatly impact the functionality of your unit in the future, even if it is working properly beforehand. Any debris that is found will also be removed and fan blades that need to be tightened will be taken care of as well. All in all, the point of air conditioning maintenance services is to make sure that when you flip on your AC unit in the spring and only works, but possibly even works better than it did before.