AC System Repair: Signs You Need It ASAP

When your AC goes out, you'll suddenly be under an onslaught of hot air, or you'll have a serious electrical issue on your hands. Niether of those things are something anyone would want to deal with, so it's important to have AC system repair done as soon as these services are needed. The key is in realizing when immediate care is necessary when it comes to AC repair. Your AC repair specialist will give you a quote for repairs, which usually includes the service call base, the materials costs, and the labor involved. Costs will vary, especially if there is an emergency call that occurs after-hours.

Here are signs you need AC repair ASAP. If your air conditioner is emitting smoke, fire, sparks, or is very hot to the touch, turn it off immediately and call for emergency care.

Temperature of air varies rapidly

Is your AC literally temperamental, running cold one second, and hot the next? While this may not bother you at first because the unit does return to running cold right away, eventually the part of the AC system that is in control of the cooling part of the appliance can wear out. Temperature variances in your AC unit is a sign you need AC system repair, and the sooner the better.

Your AC shuts off randomly

Does your AC unit randomly turn off when you have the temperature set at a specific setting? Does your air conditioner have a hard time clicking on when you first engage the unit? These are signs that there may be a relay issue, problem with the thermostat or wall controller, or even an electrical problem. This is a problem that can just get worse, so it's wise to get AC system repair done before the problem continues.

Your AC blows foul or odd-smelling air

Is your AC unit blowing out a chemical-smelling air, or does the air blowing out of the AC unit smell musty, sour, or like there is dust in it? If the AC system is blowing out air that smells strange, the filters may need to be replaced, the vents may need to be cleaned, or there may be other problems that warrant AC system repair. Your AC repair specialist will inspect your unit then either repair the unit at the time of their initial appointment or they'll schedule you a repair date, whichever is most convenient for everyone and best for the situation you're in.