4 Possible Reasons Your Furnace Runs But Your Home Is Still Chilly

It's frustrating when your furnace runs but your house is still chilly. There are a few causes for this problem, and you probably want a solution so you don't waste money on a high power bill and still feel cold in your house. Here are four possible reasons why your furnace isn't warming up your home.

1. The Filter Is Clogged

A clogged filter can cause so many problems with your furnace that it's worth checking it first when your furnace is malfunctioning. If the filter is dusty or if you tried a new type of filter, replace it with a new filter like you normally use and see if that helps the problem.

2. There's An Insulation Problem In Your House

The problem might not be with your furnace, so try to narrow down the possibilities. Maybe you forgot to put winter weatherstripping around windows or you're not using door guards and there's a gap to the outside that allows heat to escape. Check your attic to make sure your insulation is still okay and not wet or torn up by rodents and ineffective.

Also, consider if the temperature outside is unusually cold. If so, your furnace may not be able to keep up with the change in temperature given your current insulation. You may need to go around your house and make it more weathertight. If nothing has changed with your house and the outdoor temperature is in the normal range, then you can narrow the problem down to your heating system.

3. A Furnace Safety Mechanism Is Kicking In

Your furnace might be running but shutting off before your house gets warm enough. This can happen when a safety mechanism is triggered that shuts your furnace down because a part is overheating or there's a problem with the gas ignition system. When this happens, your furnace might even short-cycle, which means it starts and stops frequently. Your furnace could shut down for good until repairs are done.

This problem can be caused by a dirty furnace or malfunctioning parts, so call a heating repair technician to check your furnace and make repairs.

4. The Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

The heating repair technician may also check the thermostat because it might be sending the wrong signals to your furnace if the wiring is bad or the insides of the thermostat are dusty. A thermostat can often be repaired, but if it's necessary to replace it, you might want to upgrade to a model that helps you operate the furnace more efficiently.

To learn more, contact a heating repair contractor.