Repairs That May Be Needed If Your Air Conditioner Is Noisy

Does your air conditioner make unpleasant noises every time you turn it on? It's still blowing out cold air, but those sounds are starting to get on your nerves. This indicates you need to call an air conditioning repair company. Here are some repairs they may have to make in order to quiet your system down.

Tighten the Fan Blades

Did you know that your air conditioner uses a huge fan to propel the cooled air through your ducts? Just like an ordinary ceiling fan or box fan, this central fan has blades. The mechanism that holds these blades in place and is attached to them by screws can become loose. A repair technician can tighten the screws so that the fan blades stop wobbling around and making noise.

Replace the Motor Belt

There is a motor belt that drives the motor that powers the fan component of your AC unit. It's similar to the motor belt in your car. Over time, this belt can start ripping and fraying, which causes your air conditioner to make whining and screeching noises. In most cases, it is not worth trying to repair a motor belt. Your AC contractor will just remove the damaged belt and slide a new one into place, which is not very difficult.

Replace Ball Bearings

There are also several ball bearings within a standard AC unit. These rolling elements help reduce friction between moving parts. However, over time, they can become worn and rough. This happens if your unit is not lubricated as often as it should be or if dirt is allowed to enter the motor itself. Worn ball bearings can make for a noisy system, but a repair technician can disassemble the system and replace any worn bearings. The repair is a bit time-consuming, but the parts (new ball bearings) are inexpensive.

Remove Duct Obstructions

Sometimes the noise may not actually be coming from the air conditioner. It might come from within the ducts. Sometimes items get stuck in the ducts and then flap around as air blows past them. Common examples of obstructions in ducts include birds' nests, dog toys, and balls of dust. Your HVAC technician can easily clean the ducts to remove these obstructions, which should quiet everything down.

If your air conditioner is noisy and annoying, you don't have to go on living with it. Contact an AC repair company to discuss the possibilities above.