Can Air Duct Cleaning Benefit Your Home And Family? 3 Potential Ways It Might

When purchasing a home that has previously been lived in by one or more occupants, most buyers will spend a few hours cleaning walls, floors, and fixtures as part of their moving in process. This is common, even though most sellers are careful to ensure their home is already clean when they move out. 

But even the most fastidious rarely concern themselves with the one area of the home that may be secretly harboring decades of dirt, dust, and bacteria. This area is inside the home's HVAC ductwork. If you have never before given a thought to what may be lurking inside your home's HVAC ducts or why it matters, the following information can help you understand the potential benefits your family might enjoy from professional air duct cleaning

Allergy sufferers may find relief

Air ducts that are not regularly cleaned may be harboring many types of irritants capable of worsening allergy symptoms. Some of most commonly encountered irritants hidden away in air ducts include: 

  • Household dust
  • Insect fragments and excrement
  • Pet, rodent, and human dander 
  • Chemical residues
  • Residue from cigarette smoke and cooking odors 
  • Rodent urine and feces

Mold spores and mildew are also commonly found inside air ducts due to moisture caused by condensation from the warmed or cooled air produced by the heating and cooling system. These irritants can be caught up in the conditioned air that moves through the ducts to then be transported throughout the living areas of the home.

Air duct cleaning can remove accumulated irritants and help to improve indoor air quality for your family. In addition, homes that are plagued with stale odors whenever the heating or cooling system is in operation often find that these smells are no longer a problem after their air ducts are professionally cleaned. 

Cleaning chores may be lessened

As your HVAC system pushes heated or cooled air through dirty ducts, some of the dust and dirt is expelled into the home where it settles onto surfaces and furnishings. Homeowners who have their air ducts cleaned regularly often find that the accumulation of dust is lessened and their home feels cleaner with less effort on their part. 

Freshens the interior of the home

In addition to the benefits listed above, air ducts that have become clogged with years of debris may be interfering with the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. To learn more about the benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned, contact a reputable air duct cleaning service in your area.