Having An Air Conditioner Inspected? Learn What Takes Place During A Residential AC Inspection Appointment

If you are purchasing a home or simply have an older air conditioning unit, you may have made an appointment to have the residential AC unit inspected. This inspection can help to tell you the condition of the air conditioning unit, if any repairs are needed, approximately how much life the unit has, or whether the professional recommends that you replace the unit. Here are a few of the most important steps that take place during a residential AC inspection appointment. 

Inspecting the Outdoor Components of the Air Conditioning Unit

One of the very first steps that takes place during an air conditioner inspection is inspecting the outdoor components of the air conditioning unit. This means that the parts inside of the unit and the exterior of the unit itself is inspected. A professional is looking at all of the internal parts, including the motor, belts, condensate pump, gears, valves and hoses. Safety controls are inspected, as is the drain line to look for any signs of damage. All of the electrical components and the wiring is inspected as well to ensure that the wires are not worn or frayed and that none of the electrical parts have failed.

Running the Air Conditioning Unit

The next step that will occur is running the air conditioning unit. A professional will run the air conditioning unit. They will see how well it cools, ensure it cools and see if the unit takes a long time to kick on and off, how the unit cycles and how efficient the unit is currently operating. 

Looking at the Indoor Elements That Make Up the Heating and Cooling System

The last thing that will occur is looking at the indoor elements that make up the heating and cooling system, including the thermostat and air vents and the duct system. If these items have problems, it can affect both your heating and cooling system, so these items should be looked at at the same time an air conditioning or heating inspection is being done. 

After their inspection, an air conditioning contractor will take into account the age of the unit, the efficiency of the unit, and the overall condition of the unit. From there, they can make recommendations as to any work or repairs that need to be done or give their opinion on whether the air conditioning unit or any elements that make up the heating and cooling system should be replaced. If you are looking at buying a home or have an older air conditioning unit, having the unit inspected by a professional can provide you with valuable insight into the condition of the unit and whether it still has life left in it or not. Make an appointment today to get started.