Avoid These Mistakes When Buying An Air Conditioner

Has the time come to replace your home's air conditioner? If so, you'll want to avoid making any of these mistakes when purchasing it.

Not Sizing Your Home

You may assume that all you need to do is replace the old air conditioner with one that is the exact same size. Unfortunately, many things can change since you last had your air conditioner installed. Sizing an air conditioner is more than just factoring your home's square footage. You need to factor things such as the insulation, the type of windows you have, and how HVAC technology has changed.

If you replace the old unit with a similar one, you could end up with an air conditioner that is overpowered or underpowered for your home. It is best to have an HVAC contractor evaluate your home to determine what kind of air conditioner you really need.

Not Considering The SEER Ratings

Air conditioners are best compared with their SEER rating, which measures how energy efficient a unit can be when cooling down your home. If you are looking to save money with your new air conditioner, you may not want to select the cheapest unit available. You could end up saving money over time by selecting a unit that is more energy-efficient, even if it costs you more upfront.

Not Selecting A Two-Stage Compressor

Most air conditioners have just a one-stage compressor, which means that the air conditioner runs at full speed whenever it is on. However, new air conditioners have the option for two-stage cooling. A two-stage compressor allows the compressor to run at a slower speed for days where the temperature outside isn't as hot, which lets the unit run more efficiently to cool down your home.

Not Considering The Warranty

The warranty on the air conditioner is just as important as any other feature. If you select a unit that has a manufacturer's warranty that lasts up to 10 years, it can help ensure that you have a working air conditioner without having to pay for an expensive repair in the near future.

Not Buying Off-Season

While it's normal to start thinking about your air conditioner after the temperature gets hot, that can be one of the worst times to buy a new unit. You should shift your purchase to the fall or spring when HVAC contractors are less busy and prices are more competitive. It will also help avoid any downtime when you need your home's air conditioning the most.