What To Know About Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak is a common issue that you might find yourself facing. Having a detailed understanding about refrigerant leaks can help you to rapidly and effectively correct this performance issue.

What Are Some Common Causes For Refrigerant Leaks?

On the interior of your air conditioning system will be a variety of hoses that transport the refrigerant through the system. When these hoses and tubes become worn, they may become increasingly brittle. In addition to this cause, the vibration from the air conditioning system can cause these hoses to loosen from their connections, which can lead to refrigerant leaking out. Pests are another cause for leaks as they can chew holes through these hoses and tubes, which can allow the refrigerant to seep out.

Is A Refrigerant Leak Damaging To The System?

A refrigerant leak can cause the performance of the system to rapidly deteriorate. However, it can also contribute to the system suffering damage. When there is a refrigerant leak, the system will have to work for increasingly longer periods of time to cool the interior, which can increase the risk of the system encountering a mechanical failure. Additionally, the leaking refrigerant can be corrosive enough to degrade the interior components of the system.

How Can The Location Of The Leak Be Identified?

When you notice that your system is leaking refrigerant, you may attempt to locate the source of the leak yourself. However, this may not be an easy task due to the complex design and construction of these systems. In order to efficiently locate where the leak is occurring, the system must be pressurized. This will cause the refrigerant to come out of the leak with more pressure, which can make it much easier to see. Individuals may attempt to use their own air compressor to pressurize the system, but this can be extremely damaging to the unit.

Can You Patch Your System's Leaks Without Hiring A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Technician?

Many refrigerant leaks can be repaired by applying a patch to the damaged area. However, patching these hoses can be surprisingly difficult as the system can experience high pressures when it is in operation, and this can make incorrectly done patches more likely to fail. Additionally, it can be difficult for someone without the proper training to determine whether a patch is a suitable repair in the first place. Luckily, most air conditioning repair contractors charge modest fees for patching these leaks.

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