Need To Install A New Furnace In The Dead Of Winter? Here’s How You Can Help

When the snow is piled halfway up the side of your house, you want to be inside, where it is warm and cozy. You do not want to get up one morning and see your breath! Losing your furnace in the middle of winter is torture, for both you and the HVAC specialist that has to bring the new furnace to your home and try to get through the snow to get the furnace into the house/basement. When you really need that furnace installed right away, you can help make the job quicker and easier. Here is how.

Shovel or Snowblow Your Driveway and Walkways

On the day of your new furnace installation, shovel or snowblow your driveway and walkways. The snow often prevents the HVAC technician from parking his/her truck in a safe place to unload your furnace. The snow also prevents a safe passage from the truck to your doorstep for both the furnace and the technician. Since you have to do it for your own safety anyway, it is just nice to have it completed before your technician shows up.

De-Ice Walkways Too

You want to help your technician avoid slipping and falling, too. This means that you should probably de-ice your sidewalks and walkways before he/she arrives. It also prevents any damage that could occur to your new furnace, should the technician slip and fall on a patch of ice. You want the furnace to arrive in one piece and be free of dents and deformities that could affect its ability to function.

Have a Clear Straight Path to Your Old Furnace and Thermostat

Most people keep very tidy homes, but when you have kids, it is understandable that not everything is going to be perfectly tidy. However, it helps to make sure you have a clear path to your old furnace, and to your thermostat. You do not want your technician to try and wheel the furnace around your little girl's "Baby Suzie" doll, or your son's remote control car!

This is especially true if you have lots of weird, winding angles in your home to where the furnace sits, as stuff on the floor can cause the technician to try and skirt around these items but accidentally damage your walls. HVAC technicians try to be very careful of everything, but furnaces in their boxes are hard to see over while you are trying to steer around sharp corners. Contact a service, like Lakeside Heating & A/C Inc., for more help.