The Shortfalls Of Window Units | Why These Air Conditioners Are Best As A Temporary Solution

When the first portable home air conditioning unit was invented in 1945, there is no doubt this was a welcomed home commodity because before that point in history, having a cooled home in the summer was pretty much unheard of. While portable window unit air conditioners are still a simple solution for homeowners who have no air conditioning, a central air system is always the better, more efficient option. To better understand just why a central air system is such a wise investment, it is a good idea to get familiar with the shortcomings of the window units. 

Window units have a limited air distribution range.

Even the largest window unit air conditioners can only do so much where air distribution is concerned. The units are equipped with fans to blow the air through the incorporated vents, but even the larger models have a limited distribution range. The way the average home is laid out, with dividing walls between rooms, makes it really hard for a regular window unit to force enough air throughout your home. It is for this reason, most people who rely on window units have to have more than one to keep their house cool. 

Window units are not the most efficient appliances. 

If all you need to keep cool is one space, a window unit will suffice to do just that. However, if you are trying to keep your home cool with a window unit, you will be asking more from the unit than what it is probably equipped to provide. Most of these units have a limited range of cooling ability. Trying to keep more than one space cool will mean the unit has to stay on pretty much nonstop because the air will have to travel so far through the home. Even then, using fans to distribute the air will be necessary, which drops energy efficiency of this home cooling method even more. 

Window units are simply inconvenient to deal with. 

If you rely on a window AC unit to cool your home, it means all summer long you will have no choice but to give up one of your windows so the thing will have a place to operate. Not only is this inconvenient, an air conditioner jutting out of one of your windows can be an eyesore. Plus, getting ready for the cooling season will mean hauling the heavy thing out of storage and getting it set back up. On the contrary, a central AC unit is always ready to cool with the touch of a button. 

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