Central Air Conditioning System Problems

Have you been running your central air conditioner a lot because the weather has been extremely hot? If the system is not functioning in a problematic manner, it might be due to it needing a little maintenance. Some of the parts are possibly wearing out because you have to run the system so much. A contractor will be about to perform a thorough inspection and make any repairs that are necessary for bringing the system back to a satisfactory condition. Below, you will learn about some of the repairs that your air conditioning system might need.

The Air Handler Is Getting Weak

When an air conditioning system is run more than usual, it can wear down to the extent of the air handler becoming dysfunctional. You must keep in mind that the handler is the part to the system that has to work to produce air, so the parts inside of it can wear out when they are being used a lot. For instance, the fan in the handler is the main part that produces air, and it can become loose. The fan can also end up with damaged blades when it is old. The motor in the handler can also wear out when it is running on a regular basis to power up the fan.

Dust Has Accumulated in the System

Running an air conditioner on a regular basis leads to a lot of dust being circulated in the air, such as if your house has a lot of it. The dust gets inside of the air ducts and interferes with the efficiency of the system. However, dust can also cause problems when it accumulates on other system parts as well. The blower fan is one of the parts that can be affected, as it might not spin to produce air in a powerful manner. You can get rid of a dust problem by getting the entire system thoroughly cleaned by a professional.

A New Evaporator Coil Is Needed

The evaporator coil is one of the most necessary parts when it comes to obtaining cool air from the system. System coolant makes the coil get excessively cold. Air is then able to pass through and touch the metal of the coil so it can reach the temperature that you want. You will need to get a new coil installed if it is severely damaged, such as covered in rust from being old.