Signs Your Home’s Air Conditioner May Need More Refrigerant

Anyone who lives in a hot climate knows that having a properly functioning air conditioning unit is absolutely essential during the summer months. But if your HVAC unit does not have the right amount of refrigerant, it won't be able to operate properly and provide the coolest air possible for your home. Some common signs that your air conditioner needs a refrigerant charge include: Higher Energy Bills The refrigerant in your air conditioner is essential for rapidly cooling air before it is blown into your home. Read More 

Ways To Keep Cool While Your Air Conditioner Is Being Repaired

When summer temperatures are soaring and the outside air is sizzling hot, your air conditioner is critical to maintaining comfort and health. Unfortunately, air conditioners occasionally malfunction or break down altogether and can leave you stuck in the stifling heat. A qualified air conditioning repair specialist, such as A & E Heating and AC Inc, can restore your comfort, but during the interim, you need to know how to prevent being overwhelmed by the heat. Read More