Why Your Air Conditioner Has Weak Airflow

The air conditioner is working best when it is able to distribute cool air throughout the house. Unfortunately, problems with your heating and cooling system can leave you starved of fresh and cool air. Below are some of the reasons you might experience weak airflow from your AC. Blocked Air Register Supply air registers deliver cool air to different parts of the house. Someone can accidentally block the registers, for example, when redecorating the room. Read More 

What Are The Signs That You Need A New AC Unit?

Central air conditioners are extremely expensive appliances, but in many areas of the country, they are an absolute necessity. This means that replacements must be considered in a timely manner if your unit is reaching the end of its life. There are some things you can look for that will tip you off to the need for a replacement, so keep reading to find out what they are. Your Unit Is Working Overtime Read More 

The 3 S’s: Indications That Something’s Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is blowing out cool air, everything is okay, right? Well, maybe not. Before air conditioners break down completely, they often start experiencing minor issues that don't yet interfere with their ability to cool and distribute air. If you catch these early signs of a problem and call an HVAC contractor, you won't have to go without cool air. Luckily, it's easy to remember the signs as they can be summarized as the 3 S's. Read More 

Smells Coming From Your AC System And What They Mean

When you start to notice that there are some weird smells being blown out from your home's HVAC system in conjunction with the cold air, then you have a problem somewhere. Depending on the odor that you are smelling, you could be dealing with anything from ice buildup to a fan motor overheating. Prior to contacting an HVAC contractor, though, it is a good idea to be familiar with the different types of odors that you may smell from your air conditioning unit and what they could mean. Read More 

Repairs That May Be Needed If Your Air Conditioner Is Noisy

Does your air conditioner make unpleasant noises every time you turn it on? It's still blowing out cold air, but those sounds are starting to get on your nerves. This indicates you need to call an air conditioning repair company. Here are some repairs they may have to make in order to quiet your system down. Tighten the Fan Blades Did you know that your air conditioner uses a huge fan to propel the cooled air through your ducts? Read More