How To Ensure Your AC Is Providing You With Clean Air This Summer

In the summertime, if you use your air conditioning on a daily basis, it is essential that you take steps to ensure that the air you are breathing is as clean as possible. The condition of your air conditioner can affect the overall air quality of your home. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that the air you are breathing that comes through your air conditioner is as clean as possible.

#1 Change Out The Air Filter

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure that you are breathing clean air is to change out the air filter. When you are heavily using your air conditioning, you may need to change out or clean your air filter a couple of times during air condition season in your house. When you are not using your air conditioner that often, the filter is likely to last longer.

All the air that is pushed through your air conditioning system has to first go through the filter. The filter removes things like dust and dirt from the air. Depending on the quality of your filter, it can also remove small pollutants and allergens from the air, such as pollen. If you want your air to be as clean as possible, try to purchase and use a filter that removes the highest percentage of allergens possible. 

If you are not sure how long it takes your air filter to get dirty, check it once a week and write down what condition it is in. Eventually, you'll compile enough information to be able to determine how long your air filter lasts and how frequently it needs to be changed out or cleaned. 

#2 Clean Your Air Ducts

The second thing that you should do is make sure that you get your air ducts cleaned on a yearly basis. After the air passes through the filter on your air conditioning system, it still has to be pushed through your air ducts. Overtime, dirt and debris can build up in your air ducts. The moisture from the air can also lead to mildew and even mold building up inside of your air ducts as well. 

In order to ensure that the air has a clean path into your home, you should have a professional ac repair business come out and clean your ducts. They can use equipment that will not damage your ducts and will allow them to effectively clean the entire length of your duct system. This will remove any debris that is built-up inside of your ducts and ensure that the air in your air conditioning system doesn't pick up any debris on its way into your home. 

Keep the air from your air conditioning clean this summer by changing out or cleaning the filter when necessary, and getting your air ducts cleaned on at least a yearly basis.